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Volume 7, No. 1,In The Annals Of Governance
Volume 7, No. 1,In The Annals Of Governance
06 March, 2006

Ghana International Airlines (GIA), the start-up airline that was organized to replace the bankrupt national carrier, is already embroiled in a corporate governance crisis reportedly involving the Government and GIA?s other equity investors and managers. On April 7, 2006, the Accra office of GIA was the scene of high drama, as armed policemen, ostensibly acting on ?higher orders,? forced their way into the company?s offices to eject the executives of the company who were said to have been summarily dismissed earlier that day on the orders of the President?s Chief of Staff and Minister for Presidential Affairs, who, at the time, also ?doubled? (or tripled) as Minister responsible for aviation. The ensuing scuffles brought in consular officers from the US Embassy to protect GIA?s American executives, while New Patriotic Party (NPP) operatives came in to defend the Regional Chairman of NPP, an officer of the company also affected by the sack order. This action was accompanied by an announcement from the Office of Chief of Staff that an interim board had been appointed to take over the affairs of GIA. The dramatic development at GIA reportedly followed a tensioncharged meeting held earlier in the day between the management of GIA and the Chief of Staff.