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Volume 6, Nos. 3&4,In The Annals Of Governance
Volume 6, Nos. 3&4,In The Annals Of Governance
05 September, 2005

President Kufuor has famously declared ?good governance? as one of the key themes and goals of his administration. Beginning in its first term, the Kufuor-NPP administration has taken a number of very wellreceived initiatives to enhance good governance, notable among them, the 2001 statutory repeal of the criminal

libel, and the periodic ?Peoples? Assembly? and the ?Meet the Press encounters. These initiatives have created an environment highly supportive of media freedom and independence and more governmental openness and accountability. The passage of the Public Procurement Act, the Financial Management Act and the Audit Service Act, coupled with the appointment of a substantive Auditor-General, has also created a credible institutional framework for tackling accountability and integrity in the area public financial management. Other noteworthy and commendable steps in the area of governance include the government?s resourcing of the
police service, the demilitarization of law enforcement, and continuing efforts to professionalize and modernize the armed forces to play its appropriate role in a civil constitutional order.